Wire Drawing Plant Automation

  • Blocker Wire Drawing Panels
  • Flattening Mills Panels
  • Take-up panels
  • Tension Control Spooler Systems
  • Dancer Control
  • Aluminium Wire Drawing and Stranding

Pipe Manufacturing Plant Automation(COC Machine)

  • Forming and Sizing
  • Burr Free cutting of pipes at high speed
    up to 105 MPM
  • Slitting line controls & Automation

Cable Car Automation (Ropeways)

Material and Passenger Ropeways
DC/AC drive control for Cable Cars
having Regeneration Control

Rubber Industry (Banbury Mixer) Automation

DC drives up to 1250 HP
PLC & HMI system for
Banbury Mixers

Boiler Heating Automation

PLC for boiler automation
AC drives ID & FD fans.

Paper Manufacturing Plant Automation

Sectional AC drives and PLC, HMI systems
for Paper Machines
Individual AC drives for Various other
applications for example Vacuum Pumps,
Fan Pumps, Pulpers

EOT cranes, Tandem & Grab Cranes, Elevators

Complete AC drive Panels for Cranes up to 150 ton
supplied , commissioned and are working
satisfactory since 20 years.
A1000, L1000 AC drives for Elevators and Lifts.
Now GA500, GA700, G7 and CR700

Special features of Anti Sway & Swift lift controls.

Cement Plant Automation (Kiln) & Centrifuge Fans

DC drives up to 800 HP
AC Drives upto 315KW Drives

Sugar Mill Automation (DC & AC drives)

Mills up to 900 HP, DC drives have been supplied and working since a Decade.
AC drives for various

Rolling Mill (Steel Plant) Automation

Digital DC drives for Coiler/ Uncoiler
and Main Stand.
DC drives up to 1200 HP have been
commissioned and have been working
to satisfaction
2 Quadrant and 4 Quadrant Drives