MP2300 - Controller

MP2000 Series Machine Controller

The MP2000 Series Machine Controller has been developed to optimize control of machines. It has surpassed the top achievements of PLCs and user-developed controllers to offer ideal motion control. High speed processing and network communications are vital to maximizing the output of intricate systems. The high-speed CPU of the MP2000 Series reduces the execution time needed for commands. It is the ideal machine controller for large-scale systems requiring sophisticated multi-axis controls and reduction of tact time

Key Features

  • Synchronous control of up to 256 axes.
  • As many as 35 slots can be added for option modules.
  • Fastest transmission cycle: 125 s (4 stations).
  • Slots for optional modules allow the expansion of I/Os and network systems.
  • Program applications for the MP2000 series can be converted and used with the MP3000 series.
  • Board Type, Module type and Compact Type Machine Controller options available
  • Built-In Ethernet × 1 port: 100 Mbps
  • Backup/restore of project files, data logging, import/export of register data.
  • Basic motions, such as rapid traverse positioning, linear interpolation, and circular interpolation, can be easily programmed.
  • Switching between four control modes i.e. Synchronous Phase Control, Torque Control, Speed Control and Position Control.
  • MPE720 Ver. 7 engineering tool integrates the engineering environments for servo, inverter, and I/O devices into a single software package. This enables all-in-one engineering from setup to maintenance of drive units connected to an MP2000 series machine controller via the MECHATROLINK network.
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