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About Us

We wish to introduce ourselves as a company meant to narrow the gap between technology & you. Prithvi is a leading edge supplier to the Indian Electricals & Industrial Automation market. W e provide our clients the opportunity to single source their requirements. Presently the range of products dealt by us include:

  1. AC/DC Drives(Panels)
  2. PLCs (Panels) & HMI (With Software)
  3. AC Servo Drives and Servo Motors (Automation Panels)
  4. Crane Panels & Elevators Automation
  5. APFC Panels
  6. PCC & MCC panels.
  7. Generator AMF and Synchronization Panels
  8. Soft Starters, Sensors, Touch Screens, Encoders, etc.
We provide automation services in terms of installation, commissioning, AMC and repairs. We have supplied and commissioned these products across the country and have successfully executed various projects, involving diversified applications catered to almost every field including Automobile, Cranes, Steel, Cement, Wires & Cables, Paper , Textile, Chemical, Packaging, Glass, Plastic & Cables, Food Processing, Printing, Ropeways name a few.

A highly experienced team of engineers equipped with required infra-structure is always available to offer expert advice and services on a vast range of products and applications.