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Wire Drawing Plant Automation
  • Blocker Wire Drawing Panels
  • Flattening Mills Panels
  • Take-up panels
  • Tension Control Spooler Systems
  • Dancer Control
  • Aluminium Wire Drawing and Stranding
Pipe Manufacturing Plant Automation(COC Machine)
  • Forming and Sizing
  • Burr Free cutting of pipes at high speed upto 75 MPM
  • Slitting line controls
Cable Car Automation(Ropeways)
  • Material and Passenger Ropeways
  • DC/AC drive control for Cable Cars having Regeneration Control
Rubber Industry (Banbury Mixer) Automation
  • DC drives upto 1250 HP
  • PLC & HMI system for Banbury Mixers
Boiler Heating Automation
  • PLC for boiler automation
  • AC drives ID & FD fans.
Paper Manufacturing plant Automation
  • Sectional AC drives and PLC, HMI systems for Paper Machines
  • Individual AC drives for Various other applications for example Vaccum Pumps, Fan Pumps, Pulpers etc
EOT Cranes, Tandem & Grab Cranes, Elevators
  • Complete AC drive Panels for Cranes upto 150 ton supplied and commissioned.
  • A1000 and L1000 AC drives for Elevators and Lifts
Cement Plant Automation(Kiln) & Centrifuge Fans
  • DC/AC drives upto 800 HP
Sugar Mills Automation(DC & AC drives)
  • Mills upto 900 HP , DC drives have been supplied and working since a Decade.
  • AC drives for Various applications in Sugar Industries
Rolling Mill (Steel Plant) Automation
  • Digital DC drives for Coiler/ Uncoiler and Main Strand .
  • DC drives upto 1200 HP have been commissioned and have been working to satisfaction
  • 2 Quadrant and 4 Quadrant Drives Commissioned.